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The Garden Bench

This attractive, slat-back Bench makes a perfect back yard spot for whiling away a beautiful Spring or Summer morning


Step 12: Use glue and 6d galvanized finish nails to attach the Brackets (L) to Front Legs (A) and Seat Stretcher (J), as shown.

Step 13: Use 8d galvanized finish nails or stainless steel wood screws to attach the Seat Boards (K) to the Seat Supports (C). Cut two 7/16" thick spacers and use them to guarantee even spacing between the Seat Boards during assembly. The front Seat Board will have to be cut to fit between the two Front Legs (A).

Step 14: Reinforce all joinery with two 10d galvanized finish nails per joint.

Step 15: Round off all edges with a rasp or coarse sandpaper, then finish sand the Bench thoroughly to remove all roughness and splinters prior to finishing.

Step 16: Apply the finish of your choice. Remember that although certain outdoor woods (redwood, cedar and pressure treated woods) don't necessarily have to be finished and will “weather” nicely over time, applying a finish will extend the usable life of all outdoor projects. Many such finishes combine attractive stains with a clear over-coat that provides a barrier against ultraviolet rays to ensure that your color remains consistent over long periods. Talk to the technicians at your local paint store or home center for finishing suggestions.

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