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The Garden Bench

This attractive, slat-back Bench makes a perfect back yard spot for whiling away a beautiful Spring or Summer morning

Step 5: Using a 3/4" wide Dado set-up on your Table Saw, cut the tenons on parts C, D, E, F, G, & J to fit your mortises. Again, due to the length and bulk of the parts for this project, be sure to properly support your stock with Extension Tables or a Roller Support Stand when cutting your tenons.

Step 6: Before removing your Dado Assembly, cut the 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep grooves in the upper and lower Back Rails (F & G).

Step 7: Using a Bandsaw, cut out the contours on the upper Back Rail (F), Legs (B), Seat Supports (C), Arm Rests (E) and Support Brackets (L). Use your 2-1/4" Shopsmith Drum Sander Attachment to remove all sawing marks from the edges of parts B, C, E, & F and the Extra Long Drum Sanding Set to smooth the smaller curves in the Support Brackets (L).

Step 8: Check the Arm Rests (E) for fit with the back legs (B) -- they should fit so they're parallel with the ground when the Bench is fully assembled. Use your Disc Sander to bevel the back ends of the Arm Rests so they fit flush with the sides of the Back Legs (B). Next, drill the Arm Rests (Assembly_1.htm) and Back Legs (B) to accept 1/2" diameter x 3" long dowel pins.

Step 9: Assemble the sides one at a time. Be sure to use a weatherproof indoor/outdoor glue such as Franklin TiteBond® II and clamp all parts together firmly and set the glued-up assemblies aside while the glue sets up.

Step 10: Attach the Splats (H) and Splat Spacers (I) to the upper and lower Back Rails (F & G) with glue. It's best to lay the complete assembly flat on the floor or a benchtop while putting it together. Use your glue between the Splats and Spacers sparingly and pull everything together tightly from side-to-side with pipe clamps. Use Bar Clamps to pull the Upper Back Rail (F) and Lower Back Rail (G) together from top-to-bottom while the glue sets up. IMPORTANT: You'll have to move quickly when assembling this portion of the project. Having an assistant to help you is highly recommended.

Step 11: Once the Back Assembly has dried completely, remove the clamps and clean-up any glue squeeze-out before proceeding. Attach the Back Assembly and the Seat Stretcher (J) to the completed Side Assemblies with glue and pipe clamps. Set aside to dry.

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